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Roleplay Ideas

Postby GoldenEmbers » Sun Jan 08, 2017 7:06 pm


- Story: Darkness.. That's all that surrounded the young female. Her name was Desiree. She was a buckskin colored wolf, quite the odd one indeed. She had been left alone by her parents, deemed too weak, however it wouldn't be long before a flame sparked up inside her, making her stubborn and violent. Can you tame the beast?
- Pairing: FxF, FxM
- Slots: ( 0/4)

- Story: Werewolves are the victims of a strange new disease that eats them from the inside out. The symptoms are: bleeding from the orifices (nose, mouth, eyes), intense body aches, memory loss, & fatigue. Two wolves have an unlikely meeting that forces them to work together to find out how to stop this terrible disease.
- Possible Themes: Horror, Romance, Action, Sci-Fi, Supernatural
- Pairings: FxM, MxM
- Slots: (0/4)
( More to be added)


- Story: You were a house pet for many years, but due to a sudden change of events your family had to leave you behind in the city of New York. You wandered for days endlessly until you notice a large tabby-like she cat. " You got abandoned by your humans didn't you?" She points out as if she was there. " It's not that hard to tell, you've still got hope in your eyes." She jumps off her post before continuing. " I'm Desiree. You are?"
- Possible Themes: Action, Romance
- Pairings: FxF , FxM
- Slots: (0/4)


- Story: You ( apprentice or warrior) were out early one winter morning patrolling for your clan due to there being scents of rogues trespassing your territory. As you pass by a lake you suddenly hear the thin ice crack and rupture underneath something, you immediately look towards the source to see two young cats. They are both seven moons and one has fell through the ice. Will you be the one to help them or abandon them?
- Possible Themes: Action, Adventure, Possible romance
- Pairings: FxF , FxM, MxM
- Slots: ( 0/2)

Anthros or Furries:

- Story: Down here in the south there are some pretty dangerous hobbies. One of which is barrel racing. You came to a rodeo one day ( to race or watch) , suddenly you saw a unique girl speed out of the alleyway on a brilliant paint horse.
- Possible Themes: Romance , Adventure
- Pairings: FxM
- Slots: ( 0/2)


- Story: The Mutants are on the run after they loose the war and have to survive in the wilds. Food, water, fire shelter, etc will they perish or can they make it work? Will they manage to make a little civilization or secret society of Mutants?

- Possible Themes: Romance , Adventure, Horror
- Pairings: FxM, FxF
- Slots: ( 0/2)

I am also open to Avengers rps :)

More to be added <3
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