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Rainbow Stables {Western RP} - RP thread

Postby Des » Fri Jan 06, 2017 1:28 pm

Welcome to Rainbow Stables

This 250 acres western stables is located at the base of the Rocky Mountains. A few of the top western trainers can be found here, along with some of the best trails, and views in the US. With trail leading into the mountains, and views looking over the plains, this place is the best. However it is facing closure, due to the ever growing need of coal, Rainbow stables is sitting on one of the biggest deposit in the rockies which is why it is so heavily wanted. The owners are doing everything in their power to keep everyone from knowing and to save their stables. Most already know about it, and are doing everything in their power to stop it. Some do it by entering into competitions and paying to buy the deposit, others protest. Some even went to court, and put a complaint in, but no one has heard anything back. With everyone doing what they can, and the people still closing in with the stable survive the nasty storm, or will it crumble and fall under the pressure.

Tack Room
Arena 1
Arena 2
Arena 3
Rodeo/Showing Arena
Trail 1
Trail 2
Trail 3
Trail 4
The crossties, are in your horse's stall, or outside, you also wash the horses outside under a covering.
If I missed anything please tell me so I can add it.

1. Summer
2. LeAnne Baker
3. Adalie Hale

1. Holden Out On Me
2. Princess Diamonds
3. Dash In Bling
4. Stunting Warpath
5. Lil Bit Sly
6. Slick's Kid

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns feel free to PM me here on the forum, in game at 192424, or post it in the forum. If I missed anything that should be anywhere in here please tell me so I can add it in.
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Re: Rainbow Stables {Western RP} - RP thread

Postby Arabian Heritage » Wed Jan 11, 2017 8:40 pm

"You missed the turn, Ade." LeAnne barked as she looked up from the tiny blue car on her iphone screen to the passing roads outside their dark navy GMC Sierra. The other girl leaned forward over her steering wheel, glaring at the road names. "No I didn't, you must be looking at those directions wrong. I know where I'm going." The brunette huffed as she had heard this same line from her blonde friend too often. 'As soon as possible, make a U turn and continue down Highway 17 for .5 miles.' Ade rolled her eyes as she felt the glare from LeAnne tearing through her. There was a beat of silence between them before Adalie found a spot to turn around.

"Any word from RTA?" Adalie asked, peering at LeAnne from the corner of her dark eyes. "No, I left like a million messages but they haven't gotten back to me." LeAnne huffed, shaking her head, looking down at her phone again. "It's been a month, you would think we would've heard something by now. Not a good sign." "I know but you have to stay optimistic, Ade." LeAnne responded a bit bitterly. 'You have now reached your destination.' The GPS sounded and broke the building tension. Neither girls had realized they had pulled up to Rainbow Stables.

"Here we are." Ade smiled faintly. "Finally." LeAnne hugged sarcastically and exited the vehicle. "This place is huge!" LeAnne exclaimed, wide eyed and beaming. "And there's the arena we'll be running on tomorrow." Adalie pointed out off from the barn. "Well, what are we waiting for, let's get these horses out and stretch." Annie bounced to the back of the trailer and opened the double doors. The butt of a white horse immediately stepped to the ground without command. His large chestnut eyes were alert at the stallion's new surroundings. "Heyy there, shorty." LeAnne cooed, grabbing the lead rope wrapped around his withers. Quickly, she pushed him to the side for the next horse coming out. This time, the Mare inside had turned herself around and exited front first. Her dark roan coat ripped over her muscles with each step as she stepped out. Ade squeezed past the Mare and grabbed her own to horses who preferred to wait until asked before they exited the trailer. She had a sleek black framed and palomino studs in tow.

Before they even thought to bring the fearsome foursome into the barn, the girls turned them loose in the large round pen to "do their thing." The pen was plenty big enough for all four to run and buck freely as they pleased. Ade and Annie sat there for a moment before they began to look around for someone who worked there.

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Re: Rainbow Stables {Western RP} - RP thread

Postby Des » Thu Jan 12, 2017 3:11 am

"Yeah I am almost here. Man I am so happy to be back, after almost a year of being in the hospital." Summer turned into the drive way of RS. She was very happy to be back. She had not seen her horses in almost a year, due to her being sick and having to stay in the hospital. "Yes mom u will be safe. And yes I will make sure to keep myself in check. I have to go I am here love you bye mom!" Summer smiled and shut the phone off the parked the car. Summer rexhed for the door handled then stopped, she looked around seeing a few people here. Summer feared thing had changed and her horses would not recognize her. Then as soon as she looked up to the amazing mountains, and seeing how they had not changed at all, all her fear and anxiety wentry away. Summer stepped out of the truck and walked into the barn. A smile on her face she walked to her horses stalls, seeing that they wrent there, she walked into the tack room and grabbed their lead ropes. As she walked to the pastures, Summer passed by the rounderworld pen. She smiled as four horses ran around together, and their owners watched.

As Summer neared the pastures she heared a fimiler whinny, she looked to her left to see her chestnut mare galloping up to the fence. Summer smiled and ran over, she patted the mare "Sun!' She exclaimed 'Hi girl! I missed yuo so much!" Sun ,or Princess Diamonds, though her head into Summers mid section. The blond laughed and hugged the mares head. Clipping the lead rope onto the mare halter, Summer lead the mare out of the pasture, she continued to walk looking for her stallion. She finally made it to the back patures, she saw a black dot in the back of the pasture. Summer gave a half smiled then whistled. The black dot was getting closer and closer, the dot was now the shape of a tall black apindix quarter horse. Summer smiled "Hiya Black,' Black, or Holden out on me, nickered and pranced around, he was happy to see his owner. Summer clipped his lead onto the halter and befan to lead both horses back to the barn.

Soon the happy horses where in their stalls, eating some yummy oats, and a good had full if sugar cubs. Summer sighed she walked out of the barn. Looking around her face turned from happy to sad. Summer knew about the threats to close the stables, and how most of the riders whee doing what they could to stop it, but it was not helping, nor was it even making a dent in the steal wall that was the, well no one knows who they are, just that they want to tear down the stables and build a huge Cole mining thing. Summer clenched her fits, then remembering what her mom said she quickly calmed down, but she knew that her time back was not going to be easy.
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