My Pet Did This...

Can you read your pet's mind? Tell us what they are thinking. Pictures optional. ;)

My Pet Did This...

Postby Sootidust » Sun Dec 15, 2013 7:17 am

Whats the strangest thing your pet/friends pet has ever done?

My newest 2 yr old gelding is always proving me and others round our farm wrong. We have had to make his paddock fences higher each time. It start off at about 4 1/2 ft, he jumped that into his partner in crime's paddock. We added a whole foot to it each time but he kept jumping it. It is now 6 1/2 ft and he cleared it easily just recently. I'm starting to think the other two mares in his paddock are daring him to do it. We are going to put the fence up to 7 ft but I don't think even 10 ft will stop him from trying to be with his partner in crime to go chat up the mares in a paddock two fences over.

And my little Staffordshire 3 yr old dog Pyppet Princess A.K.A Pyp. Well isn't she one to pick up every other male dog in the town and play roughly with them until they tried to get at her. She would look at them, snarl and pounce, as if attacking, but only nipping their ears and playing again with them. She has frightened the living daylights out of these other dog owners since she used to be huge thing in the dog fighting industry and she is still renowned a year after she quit. She's never lost a fight. And when someone I don't like tries to come in my yard, I just say Pyp will attack them. But now, she is just a big sweet heart who hasn't even killed a fly yet.

Another dog of mine named Flip, he was a creamy white coloured wolfhound X staghound boy. He used to follow me everywhere, when I walked to 15miles to school, he would be ahead of me, when I finished school, he would be waiting. He would walk down the street with me and he was a big shot with the townspeople, everyone loved him, but they all knew the thing about him. If a person walked into our yard, Flip would greet them with a few licks and wag of his tail. They go to leave, up with the bristled hair, back with the top lip and out came the canines. It took days for someone to leave without me calling him off. Also when I went to get in the car, he was already there, keeping my seat warm and he was the only dog at the time welcome anywhere and everywhere in town.
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Re: My Pet Did This...

Postby Lee » Mon May 09, 2016 11:44 am

Wow that's amazing :o
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