Horse Ad Jargon - Local Translations!

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Horse Ad Jargon - Local Translations!

Postby SurvivalTheory » Sat Jun 22, 2013 6:10 am

Ok, so joke of sorts on the precise wording you often find in horse ad's.

South West France:

Reformed Trotter: Yeah, if you do it yourself.
Thoroughbred, not hot-headed: No, he's as calm as anything, so long as you don't sit on him!
Eventing prospect: I can't keep him in.
SJ prospect: Completely mental.
Dressage prospect: Can't jump for medical reasons.
Perfect for amateur wanting to just have fun: This horse is so nuts you need qualifications to come within three meters of it.
Brilliant club horse for teaching: Four hours exercise a day or he'll murder you.
Forwards going: Chronic Bolter Syndrome
Good against the clock: No brakes.
Steady ride: No accelerator.
Pleasure horse: No brain.
Beautiful Baroque type: This mutt caught my eye in the abattoir van.
Local bred superstar jumper: unpapered lovechild of a KWPN and a gypsy cob.
To break in: He needs re-breaking professionally after I tried and failed with some baler twine and a western saddle.
On the bit: No feeling in his mouth.
Light in the mouth: Stargazer.
Dressage frame: overbent and rigid.
Priced without tax: I'm a dealer but I don't want you to know that until you're in love with the horse.
Semi-loan: I want you to pay me for the privilege of training my horse for me.
Free to good home: Please take this monster off my hands!

Just for fun, no offense meant.
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Re: Horse Ad Jargon - Local Translations!

Postby farlight » Sat Jun 22, 2013 8:15 am

Ohh I loved those!!
We have some in Aus,
Bomb-proof: Lame in all four legs, deaf and blind.
Never shies: Blind.
All Offers Considered: I am in Traction for 6 months
To Loving Home Only: Expensive
To Show Home Only: Very Expensive
Needs Experienced Rider: Potentially Lethal
Elegant: Thin
Started: we quit while we were still alive
Protective Mother: don't even think about going near the foal
Lady's Horse: Perfectly sweet with women, but will kill men
Lots of Potential: Under the right circumstances, you might be able to ride him
Great Bloodlines: He can't do anything, but that's okay because some horse 20 generations back did something
Already Broke: two fences, one arm, six buckets
Got Cow Sense: he'll attack any cattle within a 5-mile radius
Unregistered: probably stolen
Clips, floats, and Loads: Clippity, clippity is the sound his hooves make when he hauls a$$ across the parking lot when you try to load him
Recently Vetted: someone else found something badly wrong with the horse
Big Boned: good thing horse has mane & tail or he would be mistaken for a cow
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Re: Horse Ad Jargon - Local Translations!

Postby Ten Birch Farms » Sat Jun 22, 2013 10:55 am

Auction Pull - and was there in the first place because he was a basket case
Talented will jump anything - including the pasture fence
Respects fence - escape artist
Always in the ribbons - shown once. 6th out of 6
Great 4H project - will kill your child
Trailers well - after he's been drugged
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Re: Horse Ad Jargon - Local Translations!

Postby Merpsicle » Sat Jun 22, 2013 4:38 pm

Lol love these! Some from Ireland;

Good Jumper- jumps 5 ft over the field fence
Reliable- to plod along for the rest of his days
Sweet- too lazy to buck
Needs experienced rider- we don't want to be sued
Great for showing- when he's clean, he's cute
Breeder- maybe his foals won't murder you on their back?
shoes- when she's in a good mood she'll only kick the farrier once
Loads- when bribed with bucket of feed and hay net
Honest- more than I am
Elderly, but still has alot of spunk- enough to eat and breathe
Young but with great potential- don't have money to raise, great potential for a schoolhorse
Part cob- obese
Draft/Heavy horse- from the Tinker's yard
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Re: Horse Ad Jargon - Local Translations!

Postby Hope Springs Stables » Sun Dec 15, 2013 7:31 am

Lol Merp!

That's totally true!
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Re: Horse Ad Jargon - Local Translations!

Postby Merpsicle » Tue Dec 17, 2013 1:45 pm

YEAYEAYEA wrote:Lol Merp!

That's totally true!

i forgot about this, i reread and wow i am terrible :lol:
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Re: Horse Ad Jargon - Local Translations!

Postby Wonderland » Fri Feb 14, 2014 7:14 pm

A few from the US:
Hot: Completely crazy, will attempt to kill any and everything if he even hears you breathe.
Bombproof: He's practically a robot
Needs an Experienced Rider: I was way too lazy to actually train him right, so uhhhh yeah, good luck!
Just Needs a Good Home: I need to be free of this demon spawn. Take him please. He sees dead people
Perfect for young children: Too fat and lazy to carry even an average sized adult
Started Under Saddle: for three seconds before he went crazy, threw the saddle and threw a twenty minute fit, breaking three fences, two buckets and tipping over the water trough in a display of rage
Easygoing: Boring
Fun: Mental
Great Trail Horse: Hates ring work, will murder you if you even try to get him to set foot in the ring. (He also goes 1,000,000 miles per hour down trails..)
Friendly: to only a certain few people. If he doesn't like you you better run.
Sweet:toothed. Will eat you out of house and home, and then attempt to eat you.
Great 4H pony: little kids can ride him, but if they try to use him for any sort of fair display or basically do anything but plod along in a ring; he will kill you.
Needs a gentle rider: So old and fragile a butterfly could shatter his bones.
Off-the-track Thoroughbred, completely retrained and safe!: LIES!!! I bought him cheap because he failed at racing and I need some quick money. He is bat**** crazy.

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Re: Horse Ad Jargon - Local Translations!

Postby Purple pegasus farm » Sun Jan 22, 2017 7:28 pm


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Re: Horse Ad Jargon - Local Translations!

Postby Crimson Rose » Wed Jan 25, 2017 10:10 am

ROFL! These are so true!
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Re: Horse Ad Jargon - Local Translations!

Postby Pyramid Equestrian » Wed Jan 25, 2017 2:20 pm

These are great!
Here are a few more from the US
Respects Aids - Barely touch face, and it does a sliding stop. Or squeeze with your legs and your galloping
Super pretty, eye catching - It sucks at everything else, and I have nothing else nice to say about it
Amazing canter - all it does is canter around, so you better like it
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