And My Horse Said.....

Can you read your pet's mind? Tell us what they are thinking. Pictures optional. ;)

Re: And My Horse Said.....

Postby Sootidust » Sun Dec 15, 2013 7:23 am

Haha, heres another one of me and Medallion...

Medal: Moooommm... You are so not about to put that saddle on me are you? It looks soooo heavy!
Me: The saddle weighs less then your feed. Suck it up princess.
*Puts saddle and pad on*
Medal: *Front end start to collapse*
Me: I'll get the 'macky 'tick...
Medal: Noooo! I'll be good forever and ever. I promise! Just don't get the 'macky 'tick!

'macky 'tick is the whip. Everyone round the stables calls it the smacky stick O.o
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Re: And My Horse Said.....

Postby Hope Springs Stables » Sun Dec 15, 2013 8:11 am

Haha, lol
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Re: And My Horse Said.....

Postby Sootidust » Tue Dec 17, 2013 8:15 am

Me: Tango! Get out of that bale of hay! Its not for you!
Tango: Great googley moogley! Moms coming, run!
Tango: *Almost runs into newly done fence* Oh great horsey gods! Where did this come from?...What is it? *Pokes with nose*
Me: *Palm to face* Its the new fence we put up that you ran into before stupid.
Tango: Why is it here?
Me: To keep you from your partner in crime...
Tango: You are the dumbest of humans I have ditched yet! *Jumps fence with ease*
Me: *Palm to face* Roger! Your horse just jumped the new fence!
Horse owner: She did what?!?!
Me: *Palm to face* Just get her out of there before Dixie attacks her...
Me: I have a headache now *Again palm to face*
Roger: I doubt facepalming your face would help it either...
Me: *Palm to face*...
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Re: And My Horse Said.....

Postby BlueMist Farms » Thu Feb 06, 2014 3:06 pm

Chief: "NO MOM!!!! It''s wet...."
Me: "It's snow, suck it up and lets go."
Chief: *walks out of stall then stops*
Me: "come on! You have seen this before!"
Chief: "No Mom please!" *tosses head*
Me: *tugs on leadrope and clicks to horse.*
Chief: *steps into snow and jumps* "Weird!"
Me: *lays down In pasture, makes snow angel*
Chief: "I can do that!" *rolls and kicks snow into me*
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Re: And My Horse Said.....

Postby Hope Springs Stables » Thu Feb 06, 2014 5:19 pm

When it was really really windy we had no choice but to ride...
Woody: *trots frantically on the spot and bounces up and down*
Me: woah Woody, tis ok, everything's ok. *loosens reins slightly*
Storm suddenly goes BAMMMMMMBAMMBAM!
Woody: AHHH!*gallops forward into my friend riding Nelson and really gets kicked*
Nelson:oh, you Strange person, you don't know my inner stallion power *pulls down head nearly topples off my friend, then ends up very nearly kicking woody*
Me: *thwacks Nellie lightly on the bum After moving away* Scoot Nellie!
Woody: *quivers* What Is Th-th-THAT? *looks at my phone which is now very near Nelsons feet, on the ground covered in arena dirt*
Storm goes PHOOSH
Nelson:Ah! * steps backward*
Woody:*chooses that moment to bomb forward into nelson*
My friend on Nelson: *pulls up Nelsons head really high*
Nelson: *rears*
Woody:* Darts in under Nelson rearing, then runs into the wall.*
Me:*thumps leg against wall*
my Friend: *falls off screeching! but keeps hold of nelson*
Woody:*tries to attack the mirror*
Nelson: *drags friend away*
Me:*thwacks my whip really really hard against my boot and everybody freezes*
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Re: And My Horse Said.....

Postby Wonderland » Fri Feb 14, 2014 6:55 pm

Scudder: I really like to walk can we walk all lesson?
Me: No buddy. C'mon we gotta trot.
Scudder: Ugh fine! You want to trot? *rockets forward though I barely kicked him.*
Scudder: Wheeeeee I'm a fast horse huh? Im a pretty pony!
Me: Hey uhh we have to canter now.
Scudder: Whaaaaaaaaaa? What is this "canter" you speak of?
Me: *tries kicking him into canter.*
Scudder: Oh NO! I am not going to canter. Its a thousand times easier than trotting but I am just going to go at an extremely fast pace to fool you mommy!
Me: *Hits him on the shoulder with crop* Dude can you just go
Scudder: Fine fine. I hope you have money, Im suing for forced labor.
Me: Scudder you wanna jump?
Scudder: *turns into an olympic showjumper. Heeell Yeah! *rockets over every single jump, almost throwing me* This is fun huh? I like to jump. Im a good jumper. Im a fast horse. Im a pretty Pony!

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Re: And My Horse Said.....

Postby Hazel » Fri May 23, 2014 5:29 am

Me: Come on Fudge. Get out of the freaking paddock!
Fudge (Arabian Pony gelding, sired by Asfour): But mum! Bailey's in there....
Bailey (Welsh Pony gelding, winner of Sydney and Canberra Royal Shows): Bugger off, man! I'm trying to get this blade of grass that's a metre out of the paddock when I have wither height grass in my 4 acre paddock.
Me: Fudge.... You need to be worked! Your jumping is terrible!
Fudge: No!
*half an hour later, finally in arena*
Fudge: Fine, I'll jump it! *canters up to jump* Ahh! It's gonna eat me!
Me: It's a ground pole, moron.

~meanwhile, while my sister is holding my mum's 17.2hh 4yr old ASH gelding for the farrier~
Ablett: It's a blade of grass! And a car! And... and.... Wind?!?! Why, Mum??
Sister: Calm the hell down, you big baby.
Ablett: *calms slightly, then bucks and gallops back to paddock, jumping over hot tape fence to get back in*
Farrier: Good thing I had finished, hey?
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Re: And My Horse Said.....

Postby Kylee » Tue Jan 05, 2016 7:53 pm

Me:Let's go Comanche!
Comanche: NO! I know what you want to do woman. you will not put a saddle on this back!
Me: I am just gonna give you sweet grain!
Comanche: oooo Okay!
Me: okay wait here.
Comanche: -walks in tack room- YOU LIAR! *snorts*
Me: ready to go on a trail?
Comanche: I really hate you know that?
Me: we can run!
Me: Gets Mad.*

The story of me and comanche every i time i ride that stupid but lovable mustang xD
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Re: And My Horse Said.....

Postby NorthernForest Ranch » Tue Apr 19, 2016 11:13 am

I want to do one, but I don't have horses.
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Re: And My Horse Said.....

Postby ZequineZ » Tue Jun 21, 2016 3:47 am

Me: *goes for canter*
Ava: ooo yes we can run now! *canters then does a mini sideways jump and keeps going*
Me: *was not expecting that, loses stirrups and slides around belly only just holding on* *thinks: crap this is gonna hurt
Ava: OMG! What is that sideways person thing hanging off my side!? *picks up speed*
Me: *loses grip falling half under Ava and rolling a tad*
Ava: ahh! It's under me! *jumps, rear hoop colliding with the front of my thigh before racing off* oh my goodness what just happened?
Me: ow.. *gets up and limps to crate going into shock soon after*
Riding instructor: *has a heart attack*
Her horse, Potter: *looks at me* are you ok?
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Re: And My Horse Said.....

Postby Comfort Zone » Sun Jul 31, 2016 2:05 pm

Soco -mom I like my new home.
Me - So do I Soco, so do I..
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Re: And My Horse Said.....

Postby ZequineZ » Sun Jul 31, 2016 7:43 pm

Me: let's go for a trot
Ebony: yay! I get to run! *canters*
Me: *chuckles* alright, let's canter then
Ebony: I CAN RUUUUUUN!!!! *goes into a full gallop*
Me: *takes a second to realise I can no longer sit to it* woah, wait up, I'm not ready to gallop! *pulls reins softly in half halts*
Ebony: *is too busy running* wee! *takes the whole street to slow down* that was fun!
Me: you cheeky pony *laughs*
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Re: And My Horse Said.....

Postby breyerhorses4life » Wed Jan 04, 2017 7:02 am

*in a show ring*

me: *cues melvin to canter*
Melvin- agh! I love to run!
me- yeah....
Melvin- Oh god! He's too close! *horse behind him is too close*
Melvin- *bucks, jumps, kicks*
Me- *goes flying*
audience of show- *claps when I get up*
Me- mel, why'd you do that?
melvin- it seemed fun
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Re: And My Horse Said.....

Postby Dark [Side] » Mon Feb 20, 2017 9:07 am

Me and my stallion Prince.

Prince: "Why do I have a bath?"
Me: "Because you rolled in the mud..."
Prince: "But Charles rolled in it as well... Do him first.."
Me: "He will but after you.."
Prince: *Feels the water pour on to them.*
Me: "See it's nice and cool for you."
Prince: "IT'S COLD!!!" *Bucks up*
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