ABLB sired EEE studs auction price help

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ABLB sired EEE studs auction price help

Postby Celestial » Thu Dec 29, 2016 11:48 pm

I need new blood in my stables and might be looking to sell/trade stallions. Any idea what these guys would be worth?
All are sired by ABLB parents. All have hit the LB or ABLB. I think I'm looking to auction so start bid and auto buy prices are what I'm interested in.

Pick your Poison - AA - age 11 http://www.horseeden.com/horse.php?id=10136764 (Ven art included)
ABLB parents -
debuted #28 ABLB,
currently #47,
debuted #1 Jumping overall -
prod EEE (#51 on most EEE's prod) -

Banshee's Alibi - AA - age 3 - still needs testing http://www.horseeden.com/horse.php?id=11775154
ABLB parents -
on the Freshman and AA LB -

Gambit - AA - 12yrs old http://www.horseeden.com/horse.php?id=9868110 (MVA art included)
ABLB parents - prod EE, EEE -
Freshman & AA LB yr 80

Thanks for your help and expertise!! :)
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