Huge Model Horse Sale

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Huge Model Horse Sale

Postby The Den of Iniquity » Fri Oct 21, 2016 3:38 pm


In order to raise funds for both my college and my local horse shelter (split is 50/50), I'm selling off my entire collection of Breyer horses. I also have Schleich and Medieval horses but too many to list so if you're interested in those follow the same instructions as for Breyer but specify in the message which brand you're interested in :)
Breyers are as follows, pictures available upon request. Breyers with a * are retired molds and no longer in production.
Sales will go through my Grandfather but if you're interested in the models please message me here, post below or on HEE (Chevrolet'67Equine) so I can pass on his contact information. (Facebook, email or ebay account.)
I'm based in the UK so please keep that in mind when offering and for shipping.

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