Y80 Bittersweet Brood lists and Reservations: WBs

Y80 Bittersweet Brood lists and Reservations: WBs

Postby cmac2004 » Thu Feb 25, 2016 7:23 pm

This is a more redefined listing for our Warmblood brood band, including some information on each mare individually. Please message me at 199505 with your stable number to reserve. Prices are 2k for PPP mares publically (or 1.7k if reserved) and you will be complimented 1k if you have a faulty foal. Just message me with a link to hte baby before free ranging it and i will send you the fee.

Thank you :)

Shatter: Currently a 2YO, skills under evaluation. PPP with silver

Jello Confetti: PPP best in heart (then mvt, str), unknown weakness

HushYourGold: PPP -see page for qualities-

Smashing: PPP strong in movement and weak in heart

Hurricane Jane: PPP best in heart/str, weak in intel and speed

WasteAwayWarning: PPP best in str, weak in intel

Smooth Sailing: PPP best in str, weak in heart

The Raid: PPP best in Hrt/Str/Move and weak in scope

Wack Central: PPP best in Mvt/Hrt/Spd, weak in scope

Kakao: PPP best in Movement and weak in scope
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