PEE and EEP WB broods year 71

PEE and EEP WB broods year 71

Postby Mid » Thu May 14, 2015 10:03 pm

I have one PEE WB mare and two EEP WB mares that will be up for brood year 71. I auctioned off the rest of my brood collection and these girls were the only ones left so I decided to brood them off next year and then auction them off after. All girls training has been tracked and weaknesses/strengths are shown. All girls' broods will start off at 35k and must go up by 2,000 ebs each bid. This will end year 71.

The girls:

EEP Sable Champagne Tobiano [Weak in Scope]

EEP Brown Mare [Weak in Scope/Movement.]

PEE Bay [Weak in intelligence.]
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