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PEE Stallion reserve

Postby dark » Tue Jan 10, 2017 11:23 am

This forum is for my new PEE stallion called Silent Stalker. He has created a few good rating in his offspring list and I want him to have the chance to create a PEE or any something special to someone. I will put his information below his image from Horse Eden Eventing and also the normal prices to the reserved prices!


Information about him:
Breed: Irish Sport Horse
Color: Buckskin Tobiano
Height: 17 hands
Year #86: ⊛Direwolf was #52 top freshman irish sport horse sire.

Silent Stalker's Progeny Report:
Foals Count: 59 (Updated January 10th 2017)
Foals Rating Summary:
P/P/P: 7
P/E/P: 5
E/P/P: 1

Prices and Discounts:
Normal Stud Price: $6,000.
Club Discount: $5,100 (15% off.)
Reserved prices: $4,500 (25% off.)
Straw beginning prices: $5,000 per straw.
Discount on Straws prices: $2,500 to $3,500.

Silent Stalker:
I am a Color of Horse Eden Eventing. I normally only do color and sometimes rating breeding when I get boreed with things..
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