Forum And Site Rules

Forum And Site Rules

Postby eve » Fri Apr 27, 2012 6:21 pm

I wanted to remind everyone of the rules for this forum and website.

Please take some time to review the site Terms Of Use located here:

Specifically there has been some behavior going on in this forum that is a violation of this rule:

# Trolling in the forum or via game mail is not permitted. Neither is harassing, antagonizing, or pestering other members or game adminstrators or moderators.

I want to clarify what that means with regards to the forums. It means:

1) Do not start threads gossiping about or backbiting other members. Just because they are not forum members does not mean they can't see what you're typing.

2) If you have a problem with a game member do not start threads about it, instead PM a Mod or use the Report Abuse link at the bottom of every page in the game.

3) Do not start, entice, or perpetuate flame wars. Do not troll for drama. If you want to debate something then do so in the Snark Factory. However, debating and flaming/trolling are two different things. Debates should be done in an adult manner. Bickering, sniping, and being dramatic at each other will just get your thread locked. If there is a disagreement, do not pile on like a pack of wolves. That alienates people and hurts feelings. The disagreement is between two people and no one else.

4) Do not tear other members down. Have respect for your fellow game members. If you feel the need to make a negative comment towards someone, it is better to take the high road and keep that commentary to yourself.

5) Additionally, we have a new site rule: No discussion or commentary regarding the topics of Religion or Slaughter are allowed.

6) If a Mod asks you guys to stop doing something, then stop. Don't argue. Failure to follow Mod instructions will result in an auto temp ban. Repeat offending will result in permanent banning.

7) Please don't make forum thread subjects in all caps. It's a bit obnoxious and there is no need to yell.

8) Don't bump threads.

9) Don't make threads asking for someone to read their PMs or empty their mailbox. That sort of stuff clutters the board and nobody wants to spend time clicking on it. If you can't get in touch with them on the forum, then feel free to send them some game mail.

10) Don't make rants about other online sims or online games.

11) We discourage chatspeak, textspeak, babytalk, etc. Please use proper spelling and grammar.

12) Members may not makes posts for other members.

13) Begging for eden bucks, horses, loans, etc is not permitted.

14) Don't make "leaving" posts to let people know you are leaving. Feel free to PM individuals that you want to let know.

15) Don't make threads to advertise other threads. One thread is enough. :)

16) Please be respectful of others. This includes members, staff, and the game. We follow the golden rule, meaning if you don't have something nice to say, please keep it it yourself.

ETA: In all cases, if you have an issue with someone, it is much much better to just go talk with them about it then stewing and creating a drama about it. Creating drama only makes the community unhappy.
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